The New Forest Pony
A friendly all-rounder

The New Forest Poney has an excellent character and his size (from 1.18m to 1.48m) means that he can be ridden equally by adults and small children.

The ponies great qualities mean that they are appreciated as a great ride up to top competition levels (dressage, jumping, eventing, driving or endurance) and for more everyday activities : Leisure, pony club or riding clubs, hacking, …

Many New Forest Ponies have been sold in France and all over Europe.

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Characteristics of a New Forest Pony

The New Forest Pony is strong and elegant, with a well positioned neck, a distinguished head with a wide, flat forehead, sloping shoulder, powerful hindquarters, solid bone with good joints, a deep chest, a balanced gait and round, solid feet.

All colours are considered acceptable except skewbalds, piebalds and cream with blue (wall) eyes. In Stallions, white leg markings are allowed as long as they do not go above the front knees or the point of the hock on the back legs.