In Normandy, situated at Domjean in the Manche

Over the years the services a Farrier can provide has evolved enormously, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the animal (breed, type, …) and its activities (leisure, competition,…) and a great deal of experience in the techniques and products used (dual-density pads, dual-composition silicone shock absorption and support products, repair resin, shoes and wedges, …)

Our Different Procedures :

  • Orthopaedic shoeing
  • Made to measure shoes
  • Hoof treatment
  • White line treatment
  • Frog treatment
  • Biotine
  • Hoof oil
  • Hoof care

The stages of shoeing:

  • Examination of the horse
  • Safety of the horse and Farrier
  • Taking the shoes off
  • Hoof trimming
  • The « working » of the shoe
  • Hot shoeing
  • Fixing
  • Tightening up and finishing off