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All Ponies is small business which focuses on the sale of ponies and horse shoeing and remedial work

To enable us to offer ponies (from foals to adults) offering good value for money and exceptional quality, All Ponies buy most of their ponies in England and France.

Our Clients include equestrian centres, individuals, sponsors, competition yards and dealers

You will find competition ponies, riding ponies and family friends on the website.Have a look at the For Sale page

About Franck Marie

From as early as I can remember I have been enthralled by everything to do with horses, thanks to my first days of riding lessons. After spending time in a racing yard as a trainee jockey I decided to qualify as a Farrier.

I started buying and selling ponies to respond to a need from my clients for reliable help in finding ponies on the market.

A few years later on I have been won over by the versatility and kindness of the New Forest ponies and decided to promote the breed in France so that my Clients can discover this endearing breed.

It is a real pleasure to cross the Channel and visit the New Forest in England, the birthplace of these ponies, to make my selection.

My travels and my contacts also allow me to offer other breeds of ponies : Welsh Ponies, Shetlands, French riding ponies, etc.